About Norfolks disused railways

Hi and welcome to Norfolks disused Railways.com 

This site is dedicated to Norfolks lost and hopefully not forgotten disused Railways. 

This webpage covers some of Norfolks Railway remains in 2020 .Most of the coverage was taken during 2020.Some during the covid lock down when Norfolk was very quiet 


There is in-depth coverage from the King's Lynn to Hunstanton Railway on the sister site.


  • www.kingslynnhunstantonrailway.com.

  • The Hunstanton line that was sadly closed in may 1969.

  • Other lines covered on this site include

  • King's Lynn to Dereham 

  • M&gnjr from South Lynn to Fakenham West 

  • M&gnjr Marriotts way-Norwich City 

  • Heacham to Wells Branch line

  • Fakenham M&gnjr Branch lines

  • King's Lynn South Lynn Bridges

  • King's Lynn Docks Branch line

  • Setch Oil fields

  • Magdalen Road/Watlington to Wisbech

  • North Norfolk Railway

  • Mid-Norfolk Railway 

  • Lines out side of Norfolk

And hopefully more to follow

I have had some great fun and met some of the most helpful and friendly people making this page.

Thanks to all whom I have met.


I have used  google maps & also Geograph.org.uk,Youtube,Rail Map Online  & Wolferton Station website. I also used many other various websites all can be seen in the links page.


The cameras used are my iPhone 8 and my Nikon d800 also a Gopro7 And my hubsan zino pro Drone.I also have a drone flyer id to fly the drone and was not flying in any no fly zones or public places.As far as I know I was at the max legal height according to the app.

Please if anyone has privacy issues feel free to email me and ill remove the pictures.



Thanks for looking hope you enjoy this page as much as I enjoyed making it all the cuts and bruises included.

Please feel free to email me with any pictures you have and I will add and give full credit to the owner

Website being changed and still under construction please if you see any defects please please mail me and ill put right 

If any one wants any copy of pictures or information from here please email and ill send what I can for free.


I have done this for a hobby and enjoyed every moment.

This was never made for making money and I will Be more Than happy to help Out with my humble Information and Pictures that you Might need to Use for Your own page,School history project etc

Thanks again from admin at www.norfolksdisusedrailways.com



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