King's Lynn Station was the start of the Hunstanton Line even though all services did not always necessarily start here at Kings Lynn.

Lots of Hunstanton bound trains started from London via the fen line or Peterborough & Spalding via the M&gnjr via South Lynn Station.

Once excursion trains reached Kings Lynn they would need to reverse down the line to connect up to the other end of the train for Trip to Hunstanton.

Kings Lynn Also had a Turntable and a Engine shed

King's Lynn Engine shed was of much use as it held spare locomotives for use to Hunstanton and also Dereham.

Most Direct trains for Hunstanton Left from Platform 2 as did most Dereham trains.

After Leaving Kings Lynn The trains would of passed the Goods yard the engine sheds and also the turntable to the left of the line.

King's Lynn Docks Line Could also be seen here behind Engine sheds and the Goods line at Kings Lynn.

Once the Hunstanton Bound train passed the Docks line it would of Crossed Tennyson Avenue and arrived at King's Lynn Junction.

Hunstanton Bound trains then turned Left at the Junction to pick up the Line to Hunstanton.

Dereham Bound trains went straight ahead and London Bound trains went to the left at the Junction.

The Hunstanton Line went round to the left at the junction passing under a foot bridge and through Gaywood passing the side of King Edward VII school.

The Line carried on straight crossing over Gaywood road Crossing and on to Salters road Junction.