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Fakenham bridges 
The Great Eastern walk

Welcome to, Fakenham, or the surrounding area page. This page includes the Norfolks orbital bridges on the fantastic Great eastern walk at Fakenham.
All pictures from this page are taken in Fakenham.

Or local to Fakenham.

First is the bridge in Fakenham from the great eastern railway Wymondham, East Dereham to Fakenham and Wells railway at Holt Road. This bridge is accessible by foot with ease and by parking up at the greenways lane in Fakenham and following the public footpath for a short walk to this fantastic old railway ruin.

The first picture is taken from holt road in Fakenham from the roadside, and the next ones are from what was the track bed for the railway. 

holt road fakenham
Fakenham railway bridge
Fakenham railway bridge
Fakenham railway bridge

Next, is the Great Eastern walk starting just after the Fakenham west railway station/Jewson's at Hempton road from behind Fakenham tyres, not kings way tyres, where I went and ended up walking down by the horse racing track and the wrong side of the river at first I thought the walk was overgrown, but how wrong I was I managed to get over the river by backtracking (all part of the fun)

The walk is fantastic, and I highly recommend it to anyone with a railway history interest or for a lovely country walk.

 I Parked up from Hempton road in a lay-by and a five-minute walk. 

This part of the walk is the wells to Wymondham line via Fakenham. Lots of this line is part of the maybe future Norfolk Orbital Railway  linking up the North Norfolk Railway and the Mid Norfolk Railway and a new station built at Fakenham. 

Here we start the Great Eastern walk. This bridge is just a footpath crossing and not railway related. 


Not far down the walk, you come to the first bridge remaining or all that's left in 2020, crossing the river. This was a crossing for the M&gn between Fakenham West and Thursford stations.

great eastern walk bridge
fakenham railway bridge remain
great eastern walk bridge

Next, heading down towards the disused railway bridges on the Great eastern walk, various fence lines can be seen in the overgrowth to the sides.


Next, we head to bridge 1715, now owned by the Norfolk Orbital Railway. This bridge, when visiting, was amazingly restored as, sadly, mindless thugs regularly vandalise it.

norfolk orbital railway bridge 1715
norfolk orbital railway bridge 1715
norfolk orbital railway bridge 1715
norfolk orbital railway bridge 1715
Great norfolk walk bridge 1715
Norfolk orbital Railway info board

Next comes bridge 1714 Fakenham Great Eastern railway walk bridge, now owned by the orbital railway group. Called the three brick arches bridge crossing the river Wensum.

Bridge 1714 plaque
Norfolk orbital bridge 1714
Norfolk orbital bridge 1714
Norfolk orbital bridge 1714
Norfolk orbital bridge 1714

Top view of Norfolk orbital bridge 1714 three arches bridge between Fakenham west station and Great Rybrough.

great eastern walk
Great eastern walk

Sadly vandalised, the Norfolk Orbital Railway information board.

norfolk orbital railway info board

Thanks for looking

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