Heacham to Wells line
The West Norfolk junction

The Heacham to wells branch line .


Other wise known as the West Norfolk junction railway.

Opened  1866 and closed in 1953.

This lines closure was not part of the Beeching cuts as was it was closed even before Dr Beeching took office.


The line was a branch line what ran off the now also closed Kings Lynn Hunstanton Railway what closed in 1969.


The Heacham wells branch line served from


Sedgeford Station

Docking Station

Stanhoe Station

Burnham market Station

 Holkham Station

Wells station

Also on this page are various bridges and buffers I found whilst out on my travels.Thanks for looking www.norfolksdisusedrailways.com

Heacham railway station 

Heacham railway station
Heacham railway station

The top picture is looking towards heacham station where sadly the line from Kings Lynn to Hunstanton once ran just before where the wells branch was

The second and third picture shows the track bed to where the wells branch went off from heacham junction

west norfolk branch
Heacham wells branch

The next two pictures are views from the old track bed the first is viewed from the Kings Lynn Hunstanton line bed looking towards the right is the wells line

The second is viewed from the Wells branch with the Hunstanton line bed to the left.


This picture shows where the wells line curved away from heacham bending around a new built housing estate and sports, social club in Heacham


Not far from the curve lays these old buffers sadly over grown but luckily not been vandalised or touched maybe natures way of protecting them 

Heacham buffer remains
west norfolk junction
heacham wells railway

The next pictures are after the bend and straight off to Sedgeford Station .Picture 1 is facing towards heacham junction.Picture number 2 is behind the Sports social club looking to Sedgeford 


After Hunstanton road the line goes off and crosses the new built a149 but before here is where the line ran.


In the distance you can see a new build property going up over the line


Sedgeford station

After heacham the next station was Sedgeford pictured here in 2020.Many thanks to the owner for permission to take these pictures.very helpful and friendly person who shares same interests thanks 

Sedgeford railway station
Sedgeford railway station

Next up is the bridge remains inbetween Sedgeford and docking on the road sign posted summer field 

HWS 1798


Docking station in 2020 as does not exist all that seems to remain is some of the old station buildings now used as residential use.The picture below shows where the line would of crossed before closure.With the railway inn in the back ground to the right.

GPTempDownload 2.jpg

Stanhoe station in 2020.now loved and used as residential use

stanhoe railway station

Next is burnham market station now used as holiday lets

burnham market railway station
burnham market hoste arms

The next Station would of been Holkham but all remains have disappeared over time.All that remains inbetween Burnham Market and wells are these bridge remains HWS 1801

hws 1801
wells heacham bridge
west norfolk junction bridge

Next up we have wells station and the end of the line from this page please check out all the other routes www.norfolksrailwayremains.com has to offer and thanks for looking

Wells railway station
Wells railway station
Wells railway station
Wells railway station

This is not really railway related but a intesting find next to the old station building.This is a old mill by looks built the same time as the railway and maybe freight was moved from here by the railway line

wells mill