Norfolks disused railways .King's Lynn to Fakenham-Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway.

Welcome to Norfolks disused South Lynn to fakenham west m&gnjr railway remain page covering Gayton Road-Grimston road-Hillington-East Rudham-Raynham park and finally Fakenham west. Also included are a few bridge remains and fence lines I traced on the line

Many thanks to Ben Brooksbank for this picture of 61530 at South Lynn station in 1954 .via


Many thanks to Andy f for the use of this image of the bridge remains that carried the m&gnr railway over the Kings Lynn to Dereham line.What is now used as freight use for sand trains as far as Middleton Towers.This remain can be seen from the a149 Kings Lynn in-between the QE Hospital roundabout and the Hardwick roundabout.Sadly since this bridge had been seriously covered in graffiti 


Gayton Road bridge at Bawsey park pmy271

pmy271 bridge code
Gayton road bridge at Bawsey park
Gayton road railway bridge Norfolk
Bawsey Gayton road bridge

Gayton Road railway station remains in 2020

Gayton Road station is in Bawsey just out side of King's Lynn by the Queen Elizabeth hospital.When open there were two platforms here and was below the currant road level and Gayton passed over the line by road bridge.All that remains now are parts of the two platforms and what looks part of the shelter.All the buildings from Gayton Road have gone.So has the bridge.

This old station remain is luckly hidden up so the graffiti levels are low

Gayton road Railway station
Gayton road Railway station remains
Gayton road Railway station remains

Gayton Road station 2021

In march 2021 I decided to head back to Gayton Road remains.Having passed these many times and looking from the road seeing them I finally made it back whilst they were not over grown or to wet to reach.

Gayton road railway station
Gayton Road railway station

in-between Gayton Road and Grimston road the line ran through a now waste management company Baco compak.the land here has been built up as the railway station remains of Gayton Road are below road level.The skip storage road is roughly where the line ran leaving Gayton Road railway station on route to Grimston road station in Roydon.The fence post seen in first picture was taken up the embankment between Baco compak and the sand boy public house in Bawsey 

M&gnjr railway fence

Old railway line now used as skip storage.This roadway has been built up since the line closed the embankments can still be seen to the sides

GPTempDownload 6.jpg

After the waste management yard we come to this old remain going over the Gaywood river.The bridge number for this is unknown

GPTempDownload 3.jpg

Seen here is the approach to the Gaywood river bridge with what can just be seen seen looks like a old sleeper in the field.If this is part of the old railway of added after I not sure 


What remains of the old Gaywood river bridge

Gaywood river bridge

The Gaywood bridge with a fence remain seen here please excuse this picture the fence remain is not bent I used my gopro to take this picture and it fisheyes some parts of the photograph 

m&gnjr gaywood river
GPTempDownload (1).jpg

Grimston road station in Roydon in the left of the station is ifs chemicals in what I take was a railway yard & to the right is the Union Jack public house

Grimston road station norfolk
grimston road railway station

Congham railway bridge pmy276 Saint Andrews lane Congham pe321ds..sadly now like most bridges has had graffiti sprayed all over.This bridge carried road traffic over the top whilst the railway ran under the bridge 

congham railway bridge
Congham railway bridge

Hillington railway bridge remains pmy278.inbetween Grimston road and hillington station

pmy278 bridge code
hillington railway bridge

Hillington railway station in 2020

Hillington station norfolk

East Rudham station in 2020

East Rudham Railway Station

raynham park railway station 

M&gnjr Raynham station
Raynham station M&gnjr
M&gnjr sign

Fakenham west railway station remains in 2020 Now a jewsons builders merchants carpark at fakenham

Fakenham station sign

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