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Norfolks Disused Railways story

Hello and welcome to the story behind Norfolks Disused website.

Norfolks Disused Railways started in May 2020 during covid 19 lockdown when the area was very very quiet.

Norfolks disused railways website was never planned I had always had a interest in the railways passed on from my late father who was also a railway enthusiast and when I was younger he would often take me to King's Lynn Station to watch the London bound class 47s arrive and depart from King's Lynn Station.

One of my best memories was when we was on holiday we went to bath spa station and the driver showed us around the cab of a class 43 Hst as a young child I became hooked not just on trains but also aircraft having been as a young child to many air shows.

Most memorable the Mildenhall air fete having seen such marvels as the Vulcan,Lightning & Sr71.

Like the railways lost but not forgotten.

I had traced many railway lines before I even started to write this website via google maps and on one May sunday I was out on a bike ride and I see in the distance a plate layers hut at Snettisham and thought I would go for a closer look having found this and biking to Heacham photographing and recording parts of this old line between King's Lynn & Hunstanton I was hooked and weekends or any spare time I had I went off to walk or bike other parts of the Hunstanton Line.

Once I had all the line covered I started up a web page on the long lost Hunstanton Railway.

Not happy there I started tracing the Heacham Wells Branch and the M&gnjr and the Lynn Dereham railway.


Norfolks disused was born and I will  be honest I don't think it will ever be finished as I more I research I more places I find to discover around my local area.

Some of these lines I have revisited many times to rediscover new parts that I had found of these old disused lines.

Also trying to get better photos in better light conditions.

One of the stations I found hardest to find was the old M&gnjr station at Gayton Road looking now its right behind the road but when looking for it was so over grown & it was looking me in the face but so covered in overgrowth luckily for the station because there is a small amount of graffiti on the old waiting room only .


Unlike some of the other places in Norfolk that sadly the vandals never left the past alone.

Another line I wanted to find was the old bridges in Fakenham from the old Fakenham to Great Rybrough line now owned by Norfolks orbital railway.


This was another amazing walk and some amazing bridges to be found here on this walk.

Just make sure you start from the right place I once again took the wrong path and ended up near Fakenham horse racing track .So a quick detour across some lovely overgrowth & I was on the back on right track.


This is the part that in a strange way I enjoy some of these old railway remains take some finding and when you get on the right track and find them I personally found it a great achievement.

Once I had traced and walked or biked some of these lines I brought a drone and done my licence and hopefully kept in the height laws and made an aerial page but sadly due my stupidity the drone is no more.

Ill be honest I don't think this web site will ever be finished as I keep finding new parts or sadly but understandably like I found out via twitter.


That a Bridge near me at Congham off the old M&gnjr between South Lynn & Fakenham West has been filled in to make it safer for heavy goods vehicles to pass over sad but a fact that these things are getting older and some of the old remains have done an amazing job to still remain in these times years after closure. 

Some parts of Norfolks old railway lines have luckily been brought by private owners and have been restored into amazing pieces of history most memorable is the old Royal station at Wolferton,West Raynham station & Marriotts way in Norwich.

Some of the later lines so far I have traced are Watlington to Wisbech and March in Cambridgeshire and most recent at the time of writing this article was the Marriotts way walk in Norwich covering an amazing walk and cycle path from Norwich City Station to Drayton just out side Norwich and also a personal thanks to all the volunteers who uncovered some of the parts here.

The old engine shed Hellesdon platform and various other parts so the next generation can enjoy this part of Norfolks history.

Another part of this website I started to make quite late into the construction of Norfolks disused railways was the Google maps coverage of various lines from around Norfolk including pictures and a description and driving instructions of how to get from place to place.


One of my favourite places in Norfolk a close second to the beach and coastline is the North Norfolk Railway and also the Mid Norfolk Railway.


Hopefully one day when I get more time I will volunteer at the North Norfolk Railway or the Mid Norfolk Railway.


If any volunteers are reading this please accept my sincere thanks for all you do in your spare time.

Giving up your time for free to keep these historical lines running not just Norfolk's preserved lines but to all across the whole of the Uk who volunteer. 

The equipment I used for this site was basically me a Nikon d800 and a wide angle lens and my iPhone 8.Once the site progressed I brought a go pro that I can carry a lot easier than a dslr and can take to work with me with ease and also my old drone.

A husban Zeno pro that sadly got salt water in the propellors when landing at Hunstanton whilst photographing the old station site from the air.

Norfolks Disused Railways was never started for any profit it was a small hobby of mine that was started by chance and grew and grew with more lines and remains to follow so keep a eye on Twitter @Norfolksdisused


Some of the people I have met making this site have been an amazing help and I am willing to do the same for anyone wanting to do the same for a school project | Hobby | or any other reason please feel free to get in contact via twitter for any humble help I might be able to pass on.

So from a sunny May Day in 2020 to this day Norfolks Disused Railways will hopefully keep growing and I thank you for looking at my website keep following & tweet me and keep safe