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Aerial coverage page from Norfolks long lost railway network.

All videos & photographs seen on this page were taken with a Hubsan Zeno pro drone, 

I also have a caa flyer drone id number.


 The flights I made were not taken off from near anyone of anyone's property. All the flights have been flown from the middle of the fields.

According to the app, I was at the legal height.


If anyone has privacy or height issues, please mail me, and I will remove the photos.

Many thanks to for the backing music used in these videos.

Thanks once again

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norfolks disused railway drone

King's Lynn to Hunstanton Railway

Here we see the excellent Wolferton Royal Station on the Kings Lynn Hunstanton Railway. This picture was not taken by but donated by a wonderful friend.

As seen in the bottom right-hand corner of this picture, you can see Wolferton Royal Station, and even in 2020, you can just see where the line once laid in between the station at Wolferton church, Before heading off towards North Wotton.

Here we see an aerial shot from the Kings Lynn Hunstanton Railway.


This shot was taken from a field next door to the pine cones caravan park in September 2020.


As you can see you can still see the tree line where the line used to run towards Wolferton through Dersingham bog.

Here we stand in the same field as the last picture and see where the line would have once run.


In 2020 the scene was very different.

The bottom right side of this picture shows the A149 bypass where if the line were still open or reopened, it would need the first of two level crossings, and the first would be required just here.

To the rear of the picture, you can make out Dersingham station, that's now used as a builder's merchant.

In this picture, seen below is the tree line where the line once ran seen in 2020. Caught in the distance is Ingoldisthorpe crossing.


This picture was taken in a field facing Dersingham/Ingoldisthorpe crossing.