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Welcome to wwwnorfolksdisusedrailways.com aerial coverage page of various Norfolks closed railway remains page.

All videos seen here are taken with a hubsan Zeno pro drone and sadly due to lots of the land built over I cant understandably fly a drone in these areas.

I also have a caa flyer drone id and all videos pictures are not made for resale .The flights I made were not taken off from near anyone of anyones property all have been flown from the middle of fields.

To my knowledge according to the app I was at the legal height.


If anyone has privacy issues or any height issues please mail me and I will remove

many thanks to www.bensound.com for the backing music used on these videos

thanks once again

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King's Lynn to Hunstanton Railway

Here we see the wonderful Wolferton Royal Station on the Kings Lynn Hunstanton Railway.From above This picture was not taken by by but donated by a very good friend of mine.

As seen in the bottom right hand corner of this picture you can see Wolferton Royal Station and even in 2020 you can see the line where the Railway track between the Station and the church and then off to North Wootton 

Here we see a aerial shot from the Kings Lynn Hunstanton Railway.This shot was taken from a field next door to the pine cones caravan park in September 2020.As you can see you can still see here the tree line where the line used to run now covered in trees through Dersingham bog.You can walk this part and the bed is surprisingly intact but in small parts you will argue with a couple of bushes but is passable from Wolferton to Dersingham a149 bypass

Here we stand in the same field as the last picture and here see where the line would of ran when open.Now a very Different scene in 2020.

The bottom right hand corner of the picture.To the left hand side of the a149 by pass was where the line ran pre Bypass and on towards the now 1990s plus Mountbatten housing estate and ran down the side of the embankment And into Dersingham Station seen not as very good  Quality as the station was a long way away but can be made out to the top 1/3rd of this picture.You can follow the tree line in just before Dersingham Station on The Kings Lynn Hunstanton disused Railway  

Here in this picture seen are the line remains in 2020 .Seen in the distance is Ingoldisthorpe crossing.This picture was taken in a field facing forwards Dersingham/Ingoldisthorpe crossing.

Snettisham approach

These two shots were taken from a field in Snettisham away from housing and public but please again if anyone has any privacy issues please email with any concerns and I will remove or blur out and pictures with out any hesitation.

Here we see the approach to Snettisham Station from the disused lost Kings Lynn Hunstanton Railway in Norfolk in September 2020.

You can see Snettisham station just behind the trees roughly in the middle of these pictures and also seen is some of the old station buildings.Also seen is the sidings new built estate built on Snettisham sidings

After the station also can be seen are the new built houses by the A149 what would now need another crossing having crossed at Dersingham side to before Dersingham station.

Once the line would of crossed the new built a149 bypass you see Snettisham beach road in its new format changed during the a149 construction here at Snettisham.In the distance you see the Crossing cottage in the distance then the line went to the right round ken hill and off to Heacham 

This video was taken from just by Ken hill woods in Snettisham.

Not far after the beach road level crossing.As you can see here the line was always single and to this day September 2020 the line is clear and the bed is still there.Where you can see the road turn sharp right is a access road for the farmer leading to Snettisham beach road.

The line curves to the left up going down by the side of the beach road and as seen in this drone footage the line embankments are still there.And the line is clear at this part.


Thanks for looking

Here we can see the line remains from ken hill looking towards Snettisham station hidden behind ken hill woods.In the far distance the tree line is there where the line went off to ingoldisthorpe crossing and then onto Dersingham and Kings Lynn 

Next from ken Hill again we head off looking to Heacham station.This video was taken with my Hubsan zino prob drone in September 2020.

Starting by the old railway ruin building at Snettisham facing torwards Heacham on the closed Kings Lynn Hunstanton Railway. 

This video shows the line remains going off towards heacham and if you can see in the distance the start of the caravan parks and where the line is only clear until Heacham south beach.Far in the distance hunstanton can be seen but not very clear 

Snettisham to heacham aerial view.


With Hunstanton in the Background

Heacham to Hunstanton 

Here we are at the next part Heacham to Hunstanton.

This video was made with my drone and taken by the field Behind the new housing estate in Heacham.Also where the Heacham wells branch was.

Also called the West Norfolk branch

You can still see the Heacham Branch going off to the right past the new housing estate.

Heacham inculding wells branch line.was a bit windy this day so sorry for part being unlevel and the harsh sun.

Heacham Station and West Norfolk junction seen from drone footage. As you can see here how much in Heacham the line has been blocked by housing and caravan parks.

Heacham wells branch line seen from above.Also known as the West Norfolk branch bearing round heading off to Sedgeford station.Also here you can see the new housing here stopping the line rebuild.Strangly though how the West Norfolk branch line has been left and even housing and the sports social club and even the junction left un touched.Thanks for looking Again please feel free if any issues with these pictures email me

Next we see where the line ran towards Hunstanton through searles and in the distance can just see where the old Station was

Hunstanton approach from the air

Hunstanton railway Bed Remains

Hunstanton station approach 

Here we see the approach to Hunstanton Station in October 2020 taken from the beach.We can see here South end road Hunstanton.Where before closure the Railway ran.Also seen is the hunny stone pub built on the disused line site

Also seen in the far Distance is searles caravan park and past that the empty clear field where the Railway ran up to heacham including the Wells Heacham branch line Junction

Hunstanton Station from the air

here we see what was Hunstanton station in October 2020 taken from the beach with my drone

To the left of the picture is Azam brothers store Harlequin house what not stands on where the old railway hotel one stood many years ago 

As seen this site remains undeveloped in 2020 at the time of taking this aerial photo.

There has been planning put into redeveloping this site into flats 

After publishing this page the planning for the flats has been rejected so far.

Since then the work for the flats has started please look at the Hunstanton Line page for updates to the station site.

Magdalen Road to Wisbech-Aerial views

Welcome to www.norfolksdisusedrailways.com Magdalen Road-Watlington station to Wisbech aerial views site.

Sadly due to a lot of the area going through fen land there is either no aerial photography to take or Wisbech side the area has been over built so this segment is concentrated on the bridge area just out side Watlington Station in Norfolk 

Still used as the fen line Kings Lynn to Ely,Cambridge,London kings cross-liverpool street services.In the film you will see I was stood by the first bridge and facing towards Watlington Village in the distance.You can still see here Where the line curved off towards the left Before Watlington.The second segment is the first railway bridge

Still remaining I'm amazing condition and used as part of a public foot path