Railway Lines outside of Norfolk

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Cross Keys Bridge

Here we see the Cross Keys swing bridge on the now A17 at Just before Sutton Bridge just past the Norfolk Lincolnshire border.

This swing bridge was used for the Midland & Great Northern Joint railway on the Sutton Bridge South Lynn part of the line.


Cross keys bridge was built in 1897 and cost £80-000

During the railway days one lane was used for railway traffic and the other was used for road use until the M&Gnjr closed in 1965 and was converted to two lanes for road use.

These pictures were taken in April 2021

Cross Keys bridge
Cross Keys bridge

Looking towards Sutton Bridge the left hand lane used to be the old railway lane as seen here in the next two pictures

Cross Keys bridge
Cross Keys bridge

Cross keys construction plaque as seen in 2021

Cross Keys bridge

Underneath the cross keys bridge

Cross Keys bridge underneath

Walpole m&gnjr memorial garden

walpole garden memorial
walpole memorial

The Wisbech to Upwell tramway memorial


Wisbech to March Bramley line


Wisbech to March.The Bramley Line.The 7.8 old line between Wisbech and march has been closed since 1968 to passengers and the line finally closed in 2000 to freight use.This line has been looked into for future reopening as either a main line no frills line or a heritage line.This line still has not only track bed left but also has rails left in some parts 

Red moor lane level crossing Wisbech.Lovely chat with the owner of the crossing cottage lovely bloke lovely to meet like minded people

red moor lane crossing
red moor lane crossing
red moor lane crossing track

Next we come to Waldersea depot.From the Bramley Line railway trust



Next we come to what was Coldham station.All that remained in 2020 was part of the old toilet block hidden in over growth. Also part or the level crossing remains

coldham railway station

Here we see the old track still laid from a farm track off the B1101

Next we come to the Twenty foot river drain bridge and B1101 crossing

B1101 elm road crossing

Whitemoor junction

Here we see where the Wisbech line would of left from march close top white moor freight yard.The Wisbech line is still connected to the main but locked off from use

Whitemoor junction

March railway station

Here we see March station with the disused Wisbech/Spalding platform still remaining 

march railway station
march railway station
march railway station

march signal box/level crossing sign

march signal box
march railway sign

Rings end viaduct-March to spalding line

rings end viaduct
rings end viaduct
rings end viaduct