Setchey oil fields.


Welcome to Norfolks disused railways page for the Short lived Setchey oil fields railway.

The company English oil fields were formed in 1918

In 1920 construction of the Setchey Oil fields started with the railway called Clarke's Drove siding linking the site to the King's Lynn to London via Cambridge And ely line

already Built in 1919.

There was also plans to connect the site to the M&GNJR and a pipe line to King's Lynn docks but these never happened. 

The Oil fields never had any commercial success and stopped in 1926 with low level of sulphur the full works were never completed.

It is said that from every 20 tonnes of shale extracted, 3 gallons of oil were of use.

The English oil company stayed on site and closed the site down in 1966

The land now is used as the Garage lane industrial estate with only a few buildings left the old engine sheds and the buildings next door.

Under the engine sheds some full Gauge railway tracks were found underneath the concrete floor and have said to still be there.

In Carter cabin hires yard by the entrance you can also see some Standard Gauge railway track by the entrance and also in there yard there is some more railway track remains.

Where the car sales site is on the A10 by Garage Lane estate stands was the sites main offices whilst the site of beers of Europe is where the main centre of the works once stood.

Part of the railway route still in unblocked and follows the side of the Industrial site.

Round past a waste management yard.


The puny drain still remains and has a concrete bridge going over the drain but all the pits have now long gone.

Setchey oil fields maps 

Past &. Present You Tube Video

Setchey Oil Fields thanks to King's Lynn Forums


Entrance to Carter cabin hire now called algecco with some old railway track in the concrete.

Sadly this old part of the railway has been covered over with tarmac when passing in August 2022

The puny drain bridge is pretty much opposite this entrance.

setchey oil fields
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The former Engine sheds at Setchey.

This is the first building on the estate and was sited next door to the Car sales garage that used to be the site of the offices.

Underneath the floor here there is said to be railway tracks that were found under the concrete floor and still remain to this day.

setch sheds.jpg

Here we see two another remains of the old oil fields site sat next to the old engine sheds at Setchey.

Im not sure if this building was railway related of just part of the old long lost industrial site.

setch oil field building
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Thanks for looking and if anyone has any more information or pictures please feel free to share them.

The picture below shows where the oil fields offices used to stand.

This site is now used as a car sales sits and used to be by the looks a fuel filling site.

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The old main site of where the Oil fields once stood many years back now the site of Beers of Europe and also now a restaurant and play area.