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Trimingham Beach railway

Trimingham beach railway on the North Norfolk coast.

What remains in October 2022 of the disused Trimingham railway on the North Norfolk coast.

The description of this old coastal wonder of this narrow gauge railway literally on the beach will be this website's shortest description as there is very little information available at all on why there was an old derelict narrow gauge railway literally on the beach.

There are different reasons.


One was that this railway was made to take away world war II bombs.

The second reason was that the railway was constructed for the Coastal sea defences. 

Looking online, it seems these remains are part of a narrow gauge railway constructed to construct the sea defences.

They were abandoned due to landfalls from sea erosion and lets to nature as the recovery costs would be so high.

If anyone knows any information, please feel free to get in contact via Twitter.


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These railway remains are obviously on a beach and close to the cliffs, so how long will they be here before they are covered by a cliff fall or a tidal surge?


If you want to visit these, please do them sooner than later.

When I visited in October 2022, I looked at the tide tables first and went two hours before low tide to give me plenty of time to walk from the car park to the site. This took me roughly 20 minutes to get from the car park along the beach to the site.

In parts, it can be quite hard walking and weather depending.

Please respect nature before you go. 

Check the tide tables.


You could easily get cut off if the tide is high enough and there is no way to get back to the car park.



Google maps coverage of where the railway lays.

Trimingham beach railway 

Photographed 21st October 2022

Also down on the site are the remains of an old lorry that I take must have been also from the abandoned railway.

Abandoned lorry Trimingham beach

Photographed 21,10,22

Trimingham beach railway

Thanks for looking at my webpage from the long-lost narrow gauge railway at Trimingham.

Please, once again, anyone that wants to go and look at this site, check the weather and also the tide tables before you plan your visit.

Keep safe on the

Norfolk coast.

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